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Our commitment to the environment
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Our commitment to practising environmental sustainability is a continuous process whereby we strive to preserve our environment for the generations that follow us.

The Terrace Lofts Apartments are committed to reducing our use of single-use plastics, using recycled products and environmentally safe products. We are using the following products in all our apartments:

  • Compostable and biodegradable bin liners

  • Environmentally friendly food wraps - natural grease-proof paper

  • Bokashi compost bin system in the apartments

  • 'Who gives a crap' 100% recycled toilet paper, tissues and kitchen paper

  • Eco-friendly dishwashing detergent.

  • No hotel bathroom amenities packed in small bottles - we use L'Occitane refillable hand soap and single use soap wrapped in paper not plastic.

We are also committed to a 'Green Building' concept by focusing on energy efficiency and renewable energy and water efficiency. As part of our future planning we are tackling:

  • Rain water harvesting

  • Using composting toilets & greywater treatment system

  • Energy saving LED lights and sensor lights

  • Sustainable gardens (waterless)

  • Energy efficient cooling and heating

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